Some bee-related books and articles (popular and academic):

Claire Preston (2006) Bee. London. Reaktion Books.

Bee Wilson (2004) The Hive. London. John Murray.

Alison Benjamin & Brian McCallum (2008) A World Without Bees. London. Guardian Books.

Rowan Jacobsen (2008) Fruitless Fall. New York. Bloomsbury.

Alison Benjamin & Brian McCallum (2011) Bees in the City. London. Guardian Books. 

Lisa Jean Moore & Mary Kosut (2013) Buzz: Urban Beekeeping and the Power of the Bee. New York University Press.

Thomas Seeley (2010) Honeybee Democracy. Princeton University Press.

Jurgen Tautz (2008) The Buzz about Bees. Heidelberg. Springer-Verlag.

Mark Magill (2010) Meditation and the Art of Beekeeping. Lewes. Leaping Hare Press.

Philip Chandler (2009) The Barefoot Beekeeper.



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